Monnaie de Paris 2017 Rodin The Thinker 100€ silver coin

2017 Rodin The Thinker 100€ silver coin
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This series of Auguste Rodin coins are produced by Monnaie de Paris, France’s oldest continuously operating minting institution, founded in 864. This silver coin has a face value of 100€, and is made with the state-of-the-art know-how of the Monnaie de Paris craftsmen who are able to expertly and creatively engrave precious metals.


This 2017 Rodin The Thinker 100€ silver coin bears a modern yet historically inspired design, with an impressive fineness of 900 and a unique look. The year 2017 marks the hundredth anniversary of Rodin's death, who is considered to be one of France's greatest sculptors, and is best known for his sculpture 'The Thinker'. Over twenty castings of the sculpture were produced, most of them while Rodin was still living, and are located in museums around the world, as well as a statue of The Thinker at Rodin’s grave in the Rodin Museum in Meudon. The obverse of this coin features a portrait of Rodin, alongside his signature and a depiction of 'The Thinker', while the reverse shows the face value surrounded by two branches, oak and laurel, reminiscent of the Euro symbol, and is presented within a hexagonal design to represent the shape of France.

Weight (g)   50
Pure silver content (g) 45
Dimensions (mm)47