Monnaie de Paris 2017 Aviation and History Spirit of Saint Louis 10€ silver coin

2017 Aviation and History Spirit of Saint Louis 10€ silver coin
  • £134.60

This series of Aviation & History coins are produced by Monnaie de Paris, France’s oldest continuously operating minting institution, founded in 864. This silver coin has a nominal value of 10€, however they are traded at a much higher price on the bullion coin market due to the state-of-the-art know-how of the Monnaie de Paris craftsmen who are able to expertly and creatively engrave precious metals.

This 2017 Aviation & History Spirit of Saint Louis 10€ 1oz silver coin bears a modern yet classically inspired design. With an impressive fineness of 990 and a timeless look, the obverse of this coin depicts the Spirit of St. Louis flying over Paris, a plane flown by aviator Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic in May 1927, setting off from Garden City, New York and travelling 5,808 kilometres to land in Paris and make history 33 hours later. In the background is the Statue of Liberty to represent the American starting point, and the reverse features the profiles of two pilots, symbolising different eras and uses of aviation: civil and military, through the depiction of different types of aircraft. The face value is inscribed on the bottom right of the reverse side, as is the symbol “RF. 

Weight (g)   22.2
Pure silver content (g) 19.98
Dimensions (mm)