Umicore 500g Umicore Cast Silver Bar

500g Umicore Cast Silver Bar
  • £270.67

The Umicore refinery is one of the oldest and most respected in Europe, and has roots going back over 200 years. It was first established on the border between Belgium and Germany, as a collective of several mining and smelting companies, and has now become an expert precious metals refinery. It is based in Brussels, Belgium, where it uses innovative techniques to refine many tons of silver each year. This Umicore 500g Silver Bar is a perfect way to balance out a bullion portfolio, cast in 999 fine silver and expertly moulded into a smooth, sleek form. Each bar is stamped with the Umicore hallmark, as well as details of its weight and fineness, and its own unique serial number. Securely packaged and delivered with a certificate of authenticity, this Umicore silver bar is the perfect way to invest in the silver bullion market.

Weight (g)500
Pure silver content (g)    500
Dimensions (mm)

69 x 40 | 63 x 34