Scottsdale Mint 5oz Scottsdale Mint Prey Silver Bar

5oz Scottsdale Mint Prey Silver Bar
  • £91.43

The Scottsdale Mint is an impressive and innovative contemporary silver and gold refinery based in the United States. With a strong reputation across the continent for producing originally designed bullion bars and coins in a variety of unique styles, the brand has become a popular choice for gold and silver investors from around the world. The Scottsdale refinery uses the latest cutting edge technology to create a wide range of gold and silver bars, which are cast in a range of individual designs.


This 5oz Scottsdale Mint Prey Silver Bar combines classic minting techniques with a unique design to create a truly impressive piece of silver bullion. Polished and refined with a specially designed image of a lion on one side and a zebra print pattern on the other, each bar carries the Scottsdale hallmark and a unique serial number. Ideal for experienced silver bullion investors, this is a truly special silver bullion bar. 

Weight (g)155.51
Pure silver content (g)    155.51
Dimensions (mm)