Scottsdale Mint 100g Scottsdale Mint Silver Bar

100g Scottsdale Mint Silver Bar
  • £62.77

The Scottsdale Mint, also known as Scottsdale Silver, is a highly popular silver and gold refinery based in the United States. With a strong reputation for minting high quality bullion bars and coins, the brand has become a popular choice for gold and silver investors from many countries around the world. The Scottsdale refinery uses the latest innovations in technology to create a wide range of gold and silver bars, allowing it to offer everything from 5g bars to 1 kilo bars. Each fine silver bar is assayed, protected and refined to an impressive purity grade.

This Scottsdale Silver 1 kilo silver bar is expertly refined and moulded with a flawless finish, making it impressive both aesthetically and technically. Crafted and refined in the US by Scottsdale's expert refiners, it features the brand's famous lion hallmark. With an impressive fineness of .999 and a truly professional finish, this 1 kilo silver bar is the perfect choice for experienced silver billion investors. Delivered in a secure, tamperproof case, this bar is authentic, secure and utterly classic.

Weight (g)100
Pure gold content (g)    100
Dimensions (mm)

53.5 x 26 x 8