Metalor 100g Metalor Silver Bar

100g Metalor Silver Bar
  • £60.17

Metalor is one of the world's oldest and most revered silver and gold refineries, producing investment grade bullion for collectors around the globe. The Swiss brand combines traditional refinery techniques with cutting edge technology to create some of the highest quality precious metals in the industry. This Metalor 100g Silver Bar is a perfect example of Metalor's commitment to quality, with a smooth, classic finish and professional moulding that adds an expert touch. Each silver bar is stamped with the official Metalor signature, as well as details of its weight, refinement grade and a unique serial number. Ideal for an established investment portfolio, this Metalor silver bar is a mark of quality and excellence.

Weight (g)100
Pure silver content (g)    100
Dimensions (mm)

44 x 24 x 9