Scottsdale Mint 10oz Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Bar

10oz Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Bar
  • £176.41

The Scottsdale Mint is a contemporary silver and gold refinery based in the United States. With a strong reputation around the world for producing ultra fine bullion bars and coins, the brand has become a popular choice for gold and silver investors from around the world. The Scottsdale refinery uses the latest innovations in technology to create a wide range of gold and silver bars, which are cast in a range of unique shapes and designs.

This 10oz Scottsdale Mint Stacker Silver Bar, also known as the Stacker, is ideal for creating a collection of silver bars that will fit perfectly in a deposit box or safe. With expertly crafted interlocking edges and precision stamped text, this silver bar gas a highly reflective surface and a clean, uniform appearance. Each bar has its own unique serial number and ant-forgery pattern, with a Scottsdale hallmark and certificate of authenticity.

Weight (g)311.035
Pure silver content (g)    311.035