Metalor 1kg Metalor Silver Bar

1kg Metalor Silver Bar
  • £498.62

Metalor bullion is known around the world for its quality and sustainability. As one of the oldest and most respected refineries in the industry, Metalor combines traditional refinement techniques with the latest technology to develop the highest quality gold and silver bullion. This Metalor 1000g Silver Bar is the ultimate tribute to Metalor's commitment to excellence, with a refinement level of 99.9% and a classic, smooth finish that exemplifies the brand's expertise. Each Metalor silver bar is stamped with the brand's official signature, as well as its weight, refinement grade and a unique serial number. This ensures the authenticity and quality of all Metalor bullion, making it the wise choice for an experienced investor.

Weight (g)1000
Pure silver content (g)    1000
Dimensions (mm)

117 x 52 x 14