Heraeus 1kg Heraeus Cast Silver Bar

1kg Heraeus Cast Silver Bar
  • £520.86

As one of Germany's oldest refiners of precious metals, Heraeus is known for its traditional refining processes and commitment to excellence. With origins going back to the town of Hanau in 1851, it has grown to become a global supplier of gold and silver for many different industries and markets. Today, the headquarters of the family run company are still situated in Hanau, which shows just how proud the company is of its history. This Heraeus 1000g silver bar is incredibly fine and expertly crafted in Switzerland, with a purity of 999. All Heraeus silver bars are stamped with a unique serial number and an assay mark that proves their authenticity. The smooth, classic casting and unique design make this bullion bar an excellent choice for any investor, including first time buyers and experienced collectors. Each Heraeus silver bar is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, so you can rest assured that your investment is secure.

Weight (g)1000
Pure silver content (g)    1000
Dimensions (mm)

50 x 108 x 20