Umicore 1oz Umicore Platinum Bar

1oz Umicore Platinum Bar
  • £791.17

Umicore is one of the most well-respected precious metal refineries in Europe, having developed a reputation for its high quality, impressively fine bullion bars. Using only the best refinement techniques, Umicore creates ultra-pure bullion bars at its main refinery in Brussels, Belgium. The brand is one of the oldest in Europe, with roots going back over 200 years, and this experience certainly shows in the quality of its products. It has now added platinum to its impressive range of fine bullion bars.

This high quality 1oz Umicore Platinum Bar is the perfect example of Umicore's expertise in the refining process, with a purity of 999.5 and a smooth, sleek aesthetic. Umicore's impressive platinum bars are some of the most sought after on the platinum market, due to their desirable, high shine appearance and their incredible fineness. This platinum bullion bar is an excellent choice for bullion investors who have some experience of the gold and silver markets, and are confident in both the buying and selling process. Each bar comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, for maximum security and total peace of mind.

Weight (g)31.1
Pure platinum content (g)    31.1