Live Gold Prices

Our live gold price chart provides the most recent gold prices, measured in troy ounces, so that you can track the current price of gold on a regular basis. As well as showing up to date gold prices, our charts also shows the historic price of gold for the past 24 hours & the past week. However, investors should note that prices displayed indicative, as they are subject to currency fluctuations. All of gold bars, silver bars, platinum bars & palladium bars that we sell are tied to their respective markets and prices dynamically change within the site to reflect that fluctuation.

London Fix Gold Price

The gold price recorded on these charts is in line with the London Fix, which is determined in London twice a day on week days, excepting bank holidays. The price is set as the gold price per ounce, although the unit of measurement can be changed to grams if desired. Need to learn more? We have written and continue to add bullion investing guides and gold bullion guides. We also provide answers to common precious metal questions within our FAQ.

Gold Price per Ounce - 24 hours

4 hours Gold Chart

Gold Price per Ounce - 1 week

4 hours Gold Chart

Gold Price Fluctuation

The price of gold changes every few seconds and can be affected by a range of factors both internal and external to the bullion market. The most commonly cited of these factors is the economic outlook, which can have a profound effect on the price of gold, as well as other precious metals.

Broadly speaking, a negative economic outlook is linked to a rise in gold prices, while a positive one is linked to a drop in gold prices.

Economic Uncertainty

The reasons for this relationship between national and global economics and gold prices are complex, but it mainly comes down to the fact that people often turn to buying precious metals when they are worried that their money is not safe. As more and more people do this, the demand increases and prices rise. An example of this is during and after the 2008 financial crash, when demand was so high that suppliers could not keep up, and the gold prices soared.

Understanding the gold market

Other factors affecting the gold price include political events, currency values and buying power, which are often linked to the economic outlook. Speculation about the future of the market can also, somewhat ironically, affect the market itself. It is difficult to predict the direction of the gold price, but by studying recent patterns and heading the advice of economists, investors can sometimes gauge what is likely to happen.