How to Buy Bullion Online

Here at London Gold Bullion, we make buying bullion online a simple, secure and ultimately superior experience. By providing you with real-time spot based pricing, as well as access to the highest quality gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bars & palladium bars on the market, we aim to create an environment in which you can make investments with confidence and peace of mind.

Bullion has drawn the attention of investors for centuries, and has long been the ideal investment for those looking to secure their wealth for the future. Gold bullion has been a marker of stability; a tried and tested means of safeguarding money. Until recently, only those with access to the strictly monitored bullion markets had the means of purchasing gold and silver, as it was only possible to trade in person at auctions or banks. Now this has all changed, however, and it is possible for everyone to buy bullion online and experience the benefits of investing in not just gold & silver but also in the emerging platinum & palladium markets.

For those new to the bullion market, it can appear to be quite a daunting place, but this needn’t be so. By taking time to research the current and recent prices of gold and silver, and considering the different options available, newcomers can make a confident, informed choice. If you are unsure about any aspect of the investment process, please see our FAQs for each of the metals we offer;

If you still can't find answers to your questions or would prefer to speak to us, please do get in touch.

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1 - Choose Your Bullion

When deciding on what bullion to buy, it is wise to consider your own personal investment needs. Those wishing to invest small amounts may choose bullion coins (gold coins or silver coins) over bullion bars, as they are often less expensive and carry the advantage of being easier to store. Investors may also consider which brand of bullion they wish to buy, and the potential tax benefits associated with different types of bullion. Gold bullion carries no VAT or stamp duty, while coins that are classed as legal tender in the UK have no capital gains tax to pay when they are sold on.

2 - Proceed to the secure checkout

Once you have chosen the bullion you wish to purchase proceed to the secure checkout area of the site where we have made it as easy as possible for you to provide us with the details that we need to be able to deliver your new bullion. We provide a number of payment options again to make it a little easier we would suggest using a debit card or if you prefer you can checkout using your Paypal account. All are designed to make the purchase process as pain free as possible.

3 - Wait for insured delivery

At every step of the journey from our storage to yours we provide full insurance every step of the way so that your bullion arrives safely and securely, There is no charge on UK mainland deliveries & often purchases made before 3pm will be shipped on the same day, if you have ordered on a weekend they will generally be shipped on the next working day.