Rosland Capital Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 1/4oz gold coin

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 1/4oz gold coin
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In celebration of the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, this 1/4oz gold bullion coin has been minted alongside a limited edition series of bullion coins from Swiss refiner PAMP. Created in association with Stunt & Co, each of these coins features an exquisitely crafted design, with the Formula One logo featuring alongside the names of all the 2016 race locations.

This particular gold coin was specially designed for the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is reflected in its design. With an impressive fineness of 999.9 and a limited production run, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix coin is an excellent choice for investors. Each is presented with its own certificate of authenticity, signed by the PAMP assayer, which provides investors complete security and peace of mind.

Weight (g)7.77
Pure gold content (g)    7.77
Dimensions (mm)

22 x 1.06