Scottsdale Mint 1oz Scottsdale Mint King Tut Gold Coin

1oz Scottsdale Mint King Tut Gold Coin
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The Scottsdale Mint is a highly reputable contemporary silver and gold refinery based in the United States. With a strong reputation across the continent for producing innovatively designed bullion bars and coins in a variety of unique styles, the brand has become a popular choice for gold and silver investors from around the world. The Scottsdale refinery uses the latest cutting edge technology to create a wide range of gold coins, which are cast in a range of individual designs.

This 1oz Scottsdale Mint King Tut Gold Coin is an excellent example of the brand's commitment to expert design and high quality. With an impressive fineness of .9999, this gold coin is the perfect choice for bullion coin investors, or as a very special gift. Each coin is minted in the Republic of Chad and bears a stunning imagine of Tutankhamun. Hand struck to give an ancient, distressed effect, these coins really are something special.

Weight (g)31.1
Pure gold content (g)    31.1