The Royal Mint King Edward VI 1910 Gold Sovereign Coin

King Edward VI 1910 Gold Sovereign Coin
  • £608.24

Gold sovereign coins are bullion coins of the United Kingdom, produced in a variety of countries and in circulation within the Gold Standard currency. Once this currency was replaced in 1932, sovereign coins became highly collectable bullion coins, known for their historical value as well as their elegant designs and fine crafting. Each sovereign coin contains a minimum of 0.2345 troy ounces and has a nominal value of one pound sterling, although their value on the bullion market is now much higher than this.

This Edward VII Gold Sovereign Coin was produced during the short reign of Edward VII, in 1910 to be precise. It is rarer than other sovereign coins, due to the monarch's short reign, and is also distinctive as it depicts the King facing right, instead of left as Queen Victoria and King George V did. Beautifully designed and historically valuable, this Edward VII Gold Sovereign Coin is a truly worthy investment.

Weight (g)7.98
Pure silver content (g)    7.31
Dimensions (mm)