The Royal Mint 2018 Gold Half Sovereign Coin

2018 Gold Half Sovereign Coin
  • £138.02

Half sovereign coins were first issued by the British Royal Mint in 1544, during the reign of King Henry VIII, when they were known as ten-shilling sovereigns. Today, half sovereigns have a nominal value of 50 pence sterling, but are often traded at a higher price due to their collectable value and rarity. Before 1932, half sovereigns were in circulation throughout Britain as part of the gold standard currency. Since the cessation of that currency, they have become popular collectable items within the bullion coin market. This new gold half sovereign coin was minted in 2017, and depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side and the traditional image of St George and the Dragon on its reverse side. As the most recent half sovereign to be produced by the Royal Mint, it is contemporary, collectable and incredibly fine.

Weight (g)3.94
Pure gold content (g)    3.65
Dimensions (mm)19.30