The Royal Mint 2016 Gold Britannia One Ounce Coin

2016 Gold Britannia One Ounce Coin
  • £986.82

The world renowned Britannia coin was first issued by the British Royal Mint in 1987, and has always contained one troy ounce of fine gold. Britannia coins have a nominal value of £100 in the United Kingdom, where they are classed as legal tender, but they are traded at a much higher price on the bullion coin market. These coins are also available in fractional sizes of one half, one quarter, one tenth and one twentieth of a troy ounce, as well as in larger sizes of five troy ounces, as introduced in 2013. This new Britannia 1oz Gold Coin was minted in 2016, and as such is the most recent version of the coin. Being the coin of the year of the Queen's 90th birthday makes it somewhat special, as does its fineness of 999.9. The front design shows the figure of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse portrays the classic Britannia image. Finely crafted and hot off the minting press, this 2016 Britannia coin makes the perfect gift for collectors.

Weight (g)31.21
Pure gold content (g)    31.10
Dimensions (mm)