The Royal Mint 2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Diamond Jubilee

2012 Gold Sovereign Coin Diamond Jubilee
  • £253.24

Sovereign coins are gold coins made in the United Kingdom by the Royal Mint, and were in circulation prior to 1932, when the Gold Standard currency was abolished. They are now made exclusively as bullion coins, and have a recognised value of one pound sterling within the United Kingdom. Despite this legal tender value, they are often traded for a much higher price due to their value as collectables. Each gold sovereign coin contains a minimum of 0.2345 troy ounces of gold, which has remained the standard up to the present day. This 2012 sovereign coin commemorates the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II,  with the obverse side shows the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse side features a classic image of St. George and the Dragon. Contemporary, refined and expertly crafted, this diamond jubilee sovereign coin is a truly worthy investment.

Weight (g)7.98
Pure gold content (g)    7.32
Dimensions (mm)

22.05 x 1.52