PAMP 50g PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar

50g PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar
  • £1,671.21

PAMP Suisse is one of the most reputable bullion refineries in the world, known for its long history of producing high quality precious metals for the global bullion market. PAMP has a range of state of the art refineries in various locations around the world, making it a dominant player in the global bullion market. It was first established in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland, and since then has developed into one of the biggest names in both bullion and industry. This PAMP Suisse 50g gold bar is an excellent example of the brand's high quality refinery processes, with a fine gold content and a smooth, polished finish. PAMP gold bars are designed by experts and crafted with the utmost care, before being stamped with a unique serial number, as well as the assayer's mark. PAMP gold bars are therefore an excellent choice for new investors and experienced collectors alike, adding a touch of world class to any portfolio.

Weight (g)50
Pure gold content (g)    50
Dimensions (mm)

27 x 47 x 3.75