Credit Suisse 5g Credit Suisse Gold Bar

5g Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • £194.85

Credit Suisse is a well-established bullion brand in Europe, functioning as a publicly traded bank in Switzerland. Its headquarters are based in Zurich, where it has developed a strong reputation for producing extremely fine, high quality investment grade gold. The Credit Suisse brand is one of the oldest in the global bullion market, having been created over 150 years ago, and is highly sought after among bullion investors. This Credit Suisse 5g gold bar is a small taste of the exquisite quality of Swiss gold bullion. Featuring a stunning yet simple design and an investment grade fineness of 999.9, this is an excellent choice for newcomers to the bullion market. The smaller Credit Suisse bars include an assay card, which guarantees their authenticity and security, so you can rest assured that your investment is safe.

Weight (g)5
Pure gold content (g)    5
Dimensions (mm)

23 x 14 x 0.83