Umicore 20g Umicore Gold Bar

20g Umicore Gold Bar
  • £671.23

Umicore is a global company, specialising in precious metals, that has roots going back over 200 years. Originating from a collection of mining and smelting companies, Umicore was established on the borders of Belgium and Germany, where it grew into a silver and gold refinery. Today it is one of the largest precious metal specialists in the world, and continues to implement innovations in the industry. This Umicore 20g Gold Bar is as sleek and refined as it gets, with a fineness of 999.9 and a perfectly polished appearance. The smooth, rounded edges add an elegant aesthetic, living up to the brand's reputation for high quality precious metals. Each bar is laser engraved with the Umicore hallmark, as well as its weight and purity grade. Small yet beautifully formed, this gold bar is the perfect choice for first time investors.

Weight (g)20
Pure gold content (g)    20