Stunt and Co 100g Stunt & Co Gold Bar

100g Stunt & Co Gold Bar
  • £3,362.77

Stunt & Co is a British, family owned gold and silver refinery based in the Sheffield Assay Office. Individually certified and ethically minded, the refinery is known for its cutting edge purification techniques, which always result in the creation of high quality gold bullion. This Stunt & Co 100g Gold bar is a perfect example of the brand's commitment to excellence, combining smooth, elegant edging with a classic, refined aesthetic that never fails to impress. Each gold bar is stamped with its own unique serial number, as well as the Stunt family crest and the hallmark of the Sheffield Assay Office, so you can rest assured that your gold bullion is authentic, original and of the highest quality. A worthy investment for experienced gold bullion collectors, this gold bar is refined, elegant and sustainably sourced.

Weight (g)100
Pure gold content (g)    100