PAMP 10oz PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar

10oz PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar
  • £10,603.90

PAMP gold bullion is some of the finest and most sought after in the world, with its name being among one of the most influential in the bullion market. The world class refinery was established in Ticino, Switzerland in 1977, and since then has grown into Europe's most respected and revered bullion brands. This PAMP 10oz gold bar is a highly impressive example of expert refining, with a smooth, moulded shape and professional finish. All PAMP gold bars are hallmarked with a unique serial number, as well as their place of origin and purity. As PAMP gold bars are always of the highest quality, investors can rest assured that they are making a strong choice for their investment portfolio.

Weight (g)311
Pure gold content (g)    311
Dimensions (mm)

35 x 60 x 7.72