Metalor 1oz Metalor Gold Bar

1oz Metalor Gold Bar
  • £1,041.46

Swiss gold refinery Metalor is one of the world's oldest and most well-renowned creators of gold bullion, using the latest technological advances to develop high quality gold bars that are free from impurities. This Metalor 1oz Gold Bar is a perfect example of the Metalor commitment to quality, with a perfectly polished finish and flawless moulding that exemplifies excellence. The front carries the classic Metalor signature, along with the gold bar's unique serial number and QR code, while the back carries the ethical stamp that shows the brand's commitment to maintaining a responsible refining process. To guarantee security, every bar comes in a sealed, tamperproof case with a unique serial number and certificate of quality. Expertly crafted and moulded to perfection, this Metalor 1oz gold bar will be the perfect addition to your gold bullion collection.

Weight (g)31.10
Pure gold content (g)    31.10
Dimensions (mm)

40 x 25