Heraeus 1oz Heraeus Gold Bar

1oz Heraeus Gold Bar
  • £1,042.56

Heraeus is one of the oldest gold refineries in Europe, having grown its solid reputation over the past 150 years. The origins of the refinery stretch back to 1851, when the Heraeus family established a platinum smelting business in the German town of Hanau. Today, the Heraeus headquarters remain in Hanau, which goes to show just how proud the family is of its roots. This Heraeus 1oz gold bar is the ideal example of the brand's commitment to innovation and quality, with a purity of 999.9 created in a unique refinery in Switzerland. Each Heraeus gold bar is marked with its own unique serial number and an assay mark that shows its origin, purity and authenticity. The refinery also provides each investor with an official certificate of authenticity to ensure complete peace of mind. Heraeus' commitment to aesthetic quality as well as fineness make this gold bar an excellent choice for investors, whether they be new to the bullion market or highly experienced.

Weight (g)31.10
Pure gold content (g)    31.10
Dimensions (mm)

40.4 x 23.3 x 1.18