Metalor 1kg Metalor Gold Bar

1kg Metalor Gold Bar
  • £32,361.56

Metalor is one of the oldest and most renowned gold refiners in the world, having first originated in Switzerland in 1852. Since then, it has made its name creating high quality, authentically refined bullion using only the purest materials. This Metalor 1000g Cast Fine Gold Bar is the ultimate example of authentic Metalor craftsmanship, with a uniquely moulded finish and time honoured design that cannot fail to impress. Carrying the authentic Metalor stamp, as well as its country of origin and serial number, each 1000g gold bar is an outstanding example of Metalor's commitment to flawless, ethical gold refinery. Complete with a certificate of authenticity and quality, this Metalor 1000g cast fine gold bar is the pinnacle of gold bullion craftsmanship and an excellent investment for experienced gold bullion collectors.

Weight (g)1000
Pure gold content (g)    1000
Dimensions (mm)

117 x 52 x 9