Heraeus 1g Heraeus Gold Bar

1g Heraeus Gold Bar
  • £46.38

Heraeus is one of Germany's oldest refiners of precious metals, with origins going back to the town of Hanau in 1851. Even today, the headquarters of the family run company are still situated and Hanau, showing how proud the company is of its roots. This Heraeus 1g gold bar is the smallest bar in the Heraeus range, but it is of an equally impressive purity and quality. Forged by expert gold refiners, it carries a unique serial number and an assay mark that proves its authenticity. Its smooth shape and distinguishing shine demonstrate its high value, making it a truly worthy investment for newcomers to the gold bullion market. Each Heraeus gold bar comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, providing peace of mind as well as maximum security.

Weight (g)1
Pure gold content (g)    1
Dimensions (mm)

15 x 8.7 x 0.5