What is Certi-Lock®

Certi-Lock® is a high-security, high-tech protection system for precious metals, which acts as a certificate of authenticity with the precious metal locked inside. A truly unique and interactive verification system, it is designed to provide peace of mind for investors in gold and silver bullion. With the systems in place in the Certi-Lock® system, buyers can rest assured that their precious metals are safe, authentic and fully authorised. 

Each Certi-Lock® card in embedded with synthetic DNA, which allows it to be fully verified at authorised locations using a specialist on-site device. This provides the highest level of security possible. The card cases are sealed at the factory with a special material that changes in appearance when tampered with. In addition to this, a phone app is provided to allow investors to scan an encrypted barcode and access verification information.

Information included in the encrypted app includes images taken of the specific product at the time it was sealed within the Certi-Lock® case, as well as identification data that aims to give complete confidence to buyers. As well as this cutting-edge technology, Certi-Lock® security also offers tamper proof cases, so that both buyers and sellers can rest assured that their bullion is completely authentic. 

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