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Shipwrecked gold to be salvaged

An operation is underway to try and salvage approximately £125 billion worth of gold and other precious metals sunk during the first and second world wars by German U-boats. The UK firm Britannia Gold will set sail from an undisclosed port to explore the first cluster of shipwrecks where the loot is thought to be. The shipwrecks are littered ship all the way from the north Atlantic to the Caribbean, and are thought to boast over 2,000 tonnes of metal. Will Carrier, operational director of Britannia Gold, said one of the... Read More


Brand Spotlight: Metalor

Metalor is one of the world’s oldest refiners of precious metals. Originating in Switzerland,  it’s created a brand renowned for high quality and authentic gold bullion. Due to its classic casting and refining techniques that date back to 1852, Metalor consistently produce pure gold bars. The refinery has been an Official Referee for the London Bullion Market since 2003 and sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars to investors worldwide. View our range of Metalor bars here.


A Buying Guide to US Gold Coins

If you’re looking to invest in gold bullion coins, you might be considering what the differences are between coins from different countries. What exactly are the differences between gold coins from different parts of the world? Why are some more expensive than others? Some of the most popular gold bullion coins are minted in the United States, and many bullion investors include these coins in their portfolios. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about buying US gold coins. Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins? Gold bullion coins... Read More


A Guide to the Gold to Palladium Ratio

Palladium is a fairly new venture for many investors in the bullion market, so when considering investing in it, it is wise to compare its price to those of other precious metals using a ratio. Just as with the platinum to silver ratio, the gold to palladium ratio allows us to compare the current value of these two metals in order to get an idea of which is currently more favourable. A ratio allows us to see how much of one metal we can buy for one ounce of another,... Read More


News of the Week: Royal Mint Releases Platinum Range

This week’s main news story in the bullion market centres around the Royal Mint’s announcement of the release of a new platinum bullion range. The world famous British official mint is known for its high quality gold and silver, and now it has decided to add platinum to its already impressive range. Elsewhere, it was reported that gold rose by 2% this week as the US dollar fell along with confidence in Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mint ended its collectable line of silver Superman coins, and bullion coin... Read More


A guide to gold coins for sale

Looking for that elusive Pot of Gold? Well, don’t worry, your search needn’t go on any further – we’ve got a range of gold coins for you to investment in, so you can build up your very own investment pot. The history of Gold From El Dorado, the City of Gold to the elusive Pot of Gold, it’s a precious substance shrouded in mystery. Treasured throughout the centuries and mined for over 5,000 years, gold is a substance revered by cultures the world over, from Ancient Egypt to the Aztecs... Read More


A Guide to the Price of Gold Coins

If you’re looking to invest in gold coins, you might be interested in the differences in pricing between many of the 1oz coins. Why are some gold coins more expensive than others? Are there intrinsic differences between these coins that make some more valuable than others? Well, the short answer to this is no, not necessarily. Two 1oz coins could be of the same fineness and even the same year, and have different prices. This might be confusing for some investors, especially those who are new to the market. Let’s... Read More


News of the Week: Gold Hits New High as Platinum Continues to Trail

This weeks bullion news focuses in on the continuing increases in the gold price, as uncertainty about the global economy reaches new levels and the platinum price fails to achieve substantial growth. The bullion market is consistently growing in the wake of Brexit and the inauguration of Donald Trump, as more and more investors turn to precious metals as a means of safeguarding against counterparty risk. In Australia, sales of Perth Mint silver bullion coins have increased by 43% this month, showing that investors are still looking to bullion to... Read More


Brand Spotlight: UBS Gold Bullion

We have recently been excited to announce the addition of UBS gold bullion to our ever-growing selection of bullion bars. The UBS range includes high quality gold bars in a wide range of sizes, from 2g to 1kg, all of which have an impressive fineness of 999.9. Created in Switzerland with investment in mind, each bullion bar is individually minted to perfection, using innovative refinery techniques that the company has developed over many decades. Each investment grade gold bar is smooth, sleek and of the highest quality, combining technical fineness... Read More


News of the Week: Uncertainty Over Pound as Brexit Looms

This week’s news reports focused largely on the UK parliament’s decision to trigger article 50 before the end of March. Since the referendum last June, the pound has dropped and some investors have left the stock market, claiming it to be too unstable and uncertain. Amidst all this political and economic uncertainty, demand for gold and silver bullion has grown and prices have fluctuated. All of this and much more in this week’s bullion news blog. Gold Price Holds as US Inflation Rises This week’s gold prices saw the yellow... Read More