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Shipwrecked gold to be salvaged

An operation is underway to try and salvage approximately £125 billion worth of gold and other precious metals sunk during the first and second world wars by German U-boats. The UK firm Britannia Gold will set sail from an undisclosed port to explore the first cluster of shipwrecks where the loot is thought to be. The shipwrecks are littered ship all the way from the north Atlantic to the Caribbean, and are thought to boast over 2,000 tonnes of metal. Will Carrier, operational director of Britannia Gold, said one of the... Read More


How and why to invest in real gold bars

Want to find the most cost-effective way to invest in gold? Then invest in gold bars, as they’ll provide the lowest price point per ounce at which you’ll be able to invest in real gold. Gold coins may have a certain artistry and refinement about them, but gold bars are the classic investment, valued by banks, governments and investors around the world. Gold bars are the indomitable and redoubtable ingredient of the investment world. Buy gold bars, and you’ll get more for your money weight-wise than if you were to... Read More