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Ensure you don’t buy fake silver bars

Concerned about fake silver bars? If you’re worried about the fake silver bars infiltrating the market, we’ve put some information together that will help you. So, you can determine whether the silver bars you’ve purchased are genuine or not. Though smaller silver bars were once the safest of purchases, with silver now fetching a premium, counterfeiters have set their sights on producing fake silver bars of all sizes, even those of the smallest dimensions. The best way to ensure you are purchasing genuine silver bars is to buy your precious... Read More


How to Sell Silver Coins

Here at London Gold Bullion, we sell a huge range of bullion bars and coins, but we don’t buy from the public – we go straight to the refineries. However, as we advise people to buy our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion as a financial investment, we thought we’d give you some advice about how to sell silver coins as well. Keep an eye out for more articles advising you how to sell gold coins, gold bars and silver bars, and various other types of bullion in the future.


The variety and price of silver coins

Investing in a precious metal can be an accessible and flexible investment, invest in silver coins, and it is particularly so, given their low price point. You’ll be investing in a precious material that has been valued throughout history and is no less well-regarded today. The variety and flexibility of silver coins Silver coins are available in a wide variety of weights from 8g, 30g, 50g, 100g, up to substantial, 10 oz examples, with many other options available in-between, meaning there is a coin to suit all budgets. In fact,... Read More


Where to Buy Silver Bullion? A Guide to Finding Silver Coins for Sale

Investing in silver coins is a popular choice in the current economic and political climate, where valuable physical assets are becoming an absolute must for those wishing to secure their wealth for the future. Finding silver coins for sale can be a little tricky, though, especially for new investors who are not sure where to buy silver bullion. Gone are the days when investors would visit shop after shop, trying to find the best price for silver coins. These days, it’s all about buying silver bullion online, but where’s the... Read More


Sterling Silver bars – why and how to invest

Want to invest in sterling silver bars? Then read on to find out why silver makes such a ‘sterling’ investment and the options open to you, should you choose to invest. Advantages of investing in silver Silver has a lower price point per ounce than either gold or platinum, making it a more accessible investment. So silver provides a great opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio or to take your first steps on the investment ladder cost-effectively. Silver is a physical commodity for which there is great demand in industry... Read More


A Guide to British Silver Bullion Coins

Silver coins have been a popular means of investment and trade for thousands of years, with early currencies using solid silver that meant that each of their coins had an intrinsic worth as a precious metal. Silver coins could be relied upon to trade with and invest in for the simple reason that they were made of silver. Today, our currencies do not have this same silver content, but silver bullion brands offer the opportunity to invest in silver coins to protect wealth and make strong returns. Purchasing bullion coins... Read More


A guide to Scottsdale Silver Bars

Silver is a precious metal, revered throughout the centuries, from Ancient Civilisations to America’s Old West and beyond. Today, silver remains a valuable commodity, utilised as it is in numerous industrial and technological processes, due to its innate ability to conduct heat and electricity. Moreover, silver is a stable investment free from the vicissitudes of the stock market. In fact, silver’s a precious material that investors turn to time and again during periods of economic uncertainty, for silver shows its “metal” by holding its value when other investments are fast... Read More


A Guide to Silver Coins’ Value

Source – Licence New bullion investors often invest in gold bullion without taking the time to understand the benefits of diversifying their portfolio by adding silver bullion, or even platinum bullion. It’s the same with bullion coins, as investors can sometimes be intimidated by the numismatic value of the coins and stick to bullion bars instead. However, it’s not that complex and we’d like to help potential customers understand more about silver coins. This guide to silver coins’ value will discuss how silver compares to gold, how silver coins compare... Read More


A Guide to Selling Silver Bars

Selling silver bars is an essential part of silver investment, especially for experienced bullion investors who are looking to take advantage of the volatile silver price. As silver prices rise and fall more dramatically than those of any other precious metal, many bullion investors turn to this metal to make quick returns on their investments. By buying and selling at the right time, it is possible to benefit from the unique qualities of the silver market, and to balance out a long-term gold bullion portfolio. But how do you go... Read More


Silver coins: price points that make for a steadfast investment

Silver coins have been struck and treasured for hundreds of years. From the royal families of Europe to the American Republic and the general public, Silver coins have been prized the world over. Cherished for their precious metal content, their resonance and artistry, they are an investment like no other, with an unrivalled flexibility, accessibility and stalwart value. Silver, valued throughout the centuries Silver, the lustrous, white shiny metal imbued with properties, unlike any other metal. Silver; the precious metal that has been mined over 5,000 years. What other investment... Read More