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Investing in platinum bars

Thinking of investing in platinum bars? Then here’s some information to help you get started, including some background information on the metal itself, why it’s so sought after today; and the options you have for investing in platinum bars. The history of platinum Platinum, it’s a rare and precious metal found in artefacts dating back over two thousand years from the Casket of Thebes to pre-Columbian artefacts from Northern Ecuador. What makes these ancient platinum artefacts stand out when compared to others, is their lack of corrosion, pointing to at... Read More


Is Platinum a Flexible Investment?

Today’s blog post will look at whether or not platinum is a flexible investment. It’ll look at how platinum compares with gold and silver with regards to value, investment flexibility, and liquidity. Then it will look at the range of platinum bars available here at London Gold Bullion.


Platinum Bullion Guide: platinum bars for sale

Platinum is an extremely valuable metal. Because platinum has such a high melting point, it took a long time until we had the technology to work with it, and platinum bullion bars have become increasingly popular since modern refining methods have made it much easier to make into bars coins, and use in a huge range of technologies, especially in the automotive industry. We have recently added platinum bars to our collection, so we decided to write a platinum bullion guide, focusing on platinum bars. We’ll look at a brief... Read More


A Guide to the Platinum to Silver Ratio

When comparing the prices of different precious metals, we often look at the ratio of prices, to get an idea of how they compare now and how they have compared over time. A ratio allows us to see how much of one metal we can buy for one ounce of another, and is a simple way to track the difference between these values over time. If you’re new to the investment market, this concept might take a little bit of getting used to. However, once you’ve studied some ratio charts... Read More


Buy platinum bars for a ‘noble’ investment

Want to invest in a valuable precious metal commodity? Then buy platinum bars for an investment that’s beautiful, useful, and for which there is an unrivalled demand in industry today. Platinum – wreathed in mystery Step back through the centuries, and you’ll find platinum incorporated into a number of ancient artefacts. The Casket of Thebes is perhaps the oldest artefact surviving today that contains platinum. Dating back to 7th Century BC, the hieroglyphs reference Shepenupet II, an Egyptian princess of the 25th Dynasty. Cross the oceans, and you’ll find pre-Columbian... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Platinum Bars

If you’re new to the bullion market, then you’ll probably be starting off your investment portfolio by purchasing gold bullion or silver bullion, depending on your individual investment needs. If you already have a balanced gold and silver portfolio and are looking to invest in a different precious metal, platinum bullion bars could be the ideal option for you. Read on below to find out more about platinum bars and how you can invest. Why Invest in Platinum? Recent developments in the global bullion market have seen an increase in... Read More


Buying Guide: Platinum Bullion

Unlike gold and silver, which have been bought and sold for millennia, platinum is relatively new to the world stage. The main reason platinum wasn’t traded as a commodity until the 20th century is because it has such a high melting temperature and was thus too hard to refine. In the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, miners would throw it away and carry on searching for gold. In fact, the South American Spanish considered platinum an impurity of gold and they passed a decree forbidding any gold refinement than contained... Read More


The History of Platinum

Platinum crystals – Source – Licence The word ‘platinum’ comes from the Spanish platina, which translates to English as ‘little silver’. When investors consider precious metals, they usually think of gold, then silver, as both gold and silver have been considered valuable for thousands of years and have been traded, hoarded, and used to make jewellery and various other precious objects. Platinum, however, is a much more recent addition to the class of precious metals, and this is for a variety of interesting reasons. The history of platinum is relatively recent, and... Read More