Perth Mint Gold Bars for an enduring investment

Want to invest in gold bars? Then take a look at the Perth Mint gold bars, for a precious metal investment with an outstanding reputation around the globe.

The story of the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a refinery of distinction, responsible for producing “arguably the purest of all gold” – so what better place to produce your gold bars.

The Mint has a heritage dating back over a hundred years, having been founded in 1899 in response to the gold deposits found in Western Australia. Prospectors who flocked to the region could deposit their gold with the Mint, where it was refined and struck into coins.  The original Hay Street facility was used as recently as 1990, when the mint moved first to the suburbs, then in 2003 to a purpose built facility, next door to their original building.

Originally founded as part of Britain’s Royal Mint, The Perth Mint was kept busy during the early part of the 20th Century striking many millions of sovereigns and half-sovereigns circulated throughout the British Empire. During the Second World War and the two decades that followed, the Mint was kept busy producing copper pennies and halfpennies for Australian circulation, also fulfilling a large order for shillings immediately after the war.  With the introduction of decimal coinage in 1966, The Perth Mint was set to work producing an astonishing amount of 2 and 1 cent pieces, over 850 million coins in all. It was during this phase, in July 1970, that the ownership of The Perth Mint transferred to the Government of Western Australia.

1987 saw the Mint heading in a new direction, following the creation by Parliament of its parent company Gold Corporation (still under the auspices of the Government). Soon the Perth Mint was going from strength to strength producing precious metal bars, plus Australian legal tender coinage to investors and collectors across the globe.

The Perth Mint is guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia, meaning you can have complete confidence in the quality, purity and weight of its precious metal products. In fact, the Australia Government has itself been awarded the highest treble A rating by Standard and Poor’s, meaning it has a formidable credit rating that is second to none.

It’s also been argued that The Perth Mint has been responsible for producing the finest gold in the world when in 1957 Leo Hickey and Alexander Osborne produced a gold of 999.999 purity. It was a feat measured by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London and used as a benchmark by the Royal Mint for the quality of its gold after that.

So you can see that The Perth Mint has a wealth of experience and skill at its fingertips, making it a mint of distinction when it comes to purchasing your gold bars.

The refinery with a ‘fine’ reputation

The Perth Mint is Australia’s sole gold refinery, plus a weight master and assayer, which has won multiple accreditations and endorsements including:

  • London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
  • New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX)
  • Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

The Perth Mint  has the distinction of refining the vast majority of gold mined in Australia – around 400 tonnes a year.

The Perth Mint produces a range of legal tender bullion coins in gold and silver, plus gold and silver, minted and cast bars for investors, with over 30 available in a range of weights and sizes. Perth Mint gold bars have been available since 2005 and have remained a firm favourite with investors ever since.

Cast gold bars are produced by pouring molten gold into a mould, which usually gives them a distinctive rough finish. Minted bars are created by cutting rectangles from larger cast bars, which are rolled to a particular thickness and then struck in a minting press, giving them a more detailed design and exquisite finish. One of the most coveted of the latter is the popular “Kangaroo” bar, available since 2010; it’s produced in a variety of weights encompassing  1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 1 oz and 10 oz bars.  So, you can make an investment as small or large as you wish – a flexible investment indeed.

The Perth Mint 1 oz Gold bar – a popular choice

Perth Mint Australia pure gold one ounce

One of the most sought after products from The Perth Mint is their 1oz gold bar, recognised for its quality, workmanship and the fineness of its gold. It’s a gold bar with an artistry unusual to find in bullion, making it stand out from the field.

The Kangaroo 1 oz gold bar has a gross weight of at least 31.107g; and it’s minted in a rectangle with curved corners, measuring 41.60mm x 24.60mm, with a depth of 1.71mm. The obverse side depicts the attractive swan logo of The Perth Mint, inspired by the main river that runs through the city, along with the purity of the gold (99.99%) and the weight. The Swan motif is one recognised the world over and registered with the LBMA as the assay mark of this respected Mint. The reverse design depicts a stylish repeat pattern of Kangaroos, for which this bar has become so well-known, indicative as it is of the country’s heritage.

Your 1 ounce minted gold bar will be protected in a sealed, tamper-proof, green presentation card, with your gold bar visible from both sides, shielded within a blister pack or Certicard security casing. On the front of the card you’ll see the distinctive Perth Mint logo, whilst on the back, the specification of your gold bar will be outlined (fineness, weight and specific serial number) along with the signature of the chief assayer.

Rest assured, any attempts to the tamper with the packaging would be evident in a partial colour change of the casing from transparent to white. Plus the casing contains a distinctive pattern you can see under UV light, so you’ll know it’s come from The Perth Mint. We’d always recommend that you retain your gold bars in their original packaging, making selling them at a later date easier and more straightforward for you.

Buy this Perth Mint 1 oz gold bar, and you’ll possess an investment with a ‘sterling’ reputation in the bullion market, known for its craftsmanship, security features and available at an attainable price too. The weight and fineness of this gold bar is guaranteed by the Australian Government – giving you peace of mind and making it a ‘fine’ investment on which you can count.

Sought after gold bars

Gold Bars from The Perth Mint are produced in fewer numbers than those from many other refineries, making them sought after by investors across the globe. Around 4/5 of Perth Mint gold bars are bought by investors in the U.S, though they are also a firm favourite with investors in Europe and Australia too. So, if you want gold bars with a worldwide reputation, which you could sell in a number of markets and countries, choose those from The Perth Mint.

The Oriana Minted Bar – for style and artistry

If you want to invest in Perth Mint gold bars, one to look out for is the Oriana Minted Bar; it’s a bar cherished for its distinctive style and high-quality production values. Taking its name from the goddess Oriana, synonymous with ‘sunrise’ and ‘gold’, this gold bar evokes an enchanting art nouveau style on its reverse side. It’s similar in proportion to the 1 oz gold Kangaroo bar but quite different in design and as it’s no longer produced; any chance to purchase it is a rare opportunity, so do so, while you still can.

 Perth Mint gold bars for an investment that endures

Perth Mint gold bars provide you with a flexible investment which is cost-effective to obtain and easy to liquefy. These gold bars provide you with a tangible physical asset, much in demand the world over, which will diversify your investment portfolio, making it more resilient. These gold bars are also easy to store, being compact in size, durable and portable.  Moreover, the Perth Mint 1 oz gold bars, do not incur import duties or VAT, making them an even more attractive proposition.

In fact, gold is widely acknowledged as the steadfast performer of the investment world, known for its dependable and persistent performance, when other investments are weak and wavering.  So if you want to help secure your financial future, invest in Perth Mint gold bars for an enduring investment.

 Perth Mint gold bars from London Gold Bullion

London Gold Bullion is a respected dealer of precious metal bars, coins, and rounds from the most established refineries around the world. To discuss your purchase of Perth Mint gold bars, contact our friendly team today, they’ll be happy to help and advise you. Choose Perth Mint gold bars for an investment that will shine for you

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