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Palladium where to buy?

Interested in buying palladium? Then we’ve put together some background information on why palladium makes such a great investment; plus where and what palladium products you can buy. At London Gold Bullion, we sell a range of palladium bars, from respected precious metal providers including Umicore and UBS. Umicore palladium bars The history of Umicore dates back more than two centuries when a number of mining and smelting companies on the border of Germany and Belgium merged. Since then, Umicore has built up the skills and expertise to become a... Read More


A Guide to the Gold to Palladium Ratio

Palladium is a fairly new venture for many investors in the bullion market, so when considering investing in it, it is wise to compare its price to those of other precious metals using a ratio. Just as with the platinum to silver ratio, the gold to palladium ratio allows us to compare the current value of these two metals in order to get an idea of which is currently more favourable. A ratio allows us to see how much of one metal we can buy for one ounce of another,... Read More


Where is Palladium Found in the World?

Palladium bars are a relatively new addition to our wide range of bullion products here at London Gold Bullion. As such, we decided it would be good to answer some of the questions people have been asking about palladium. For some reason, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding palladium; people know a few details about platinum and a lot about gold and silver, yet almost nothing about palladium. This article will hopefully demystify palladium, explaining where palladium is found in the world as well as answering a few other questions... Read More


Palladium Buying Guide

Want to invest in palladium but not sure where to start? Then read on to learn more about the global demand for palladium, your options for investing and the advantages of diversifying your investment portfolio to include this rare precious metal. It’s an element whose story takes us from a Norfolk market town to the heart of London’s Soho and an English Chemist by the name of William Hyde Wollaston. Why you should invest in palladium Want to invest in an element that is vital to industry today? Then invest... Read More


An Introduction to Palladium Bullion

As more investors turn to the bullion market to seek safer, counterparty risk free assets, demand for all four of the main investment precious metals is growing. Although gold and silver bullion are still by far the most popular, many investors are branching out into the platinum and palladium bullion markets and taking advantage of the unique traits if these precious metals. Most investors know about platinum, but what about the lesser known palladium? Read on below to find out more about this somewhat surprising precious metal. Palladium is structurally... Read More