Palladium where to buy?

Interested in buying palladium? Then we’ve put together some background information on why palladium makes such a great investment; plus where and what palladium products you can buy.

At London Gold Bullion, we sell a range of palladium bars, from respected precious metal providers including Umicore and UBS.

Umicore palladium bars

The history of Umicore dates back more than two centuries when a number of mining and smelting companies on the border of Germany and Belgium merged. Since then, Umicore has built up the skills and expertise to become a world leader in the supply and handling of precious metals. You can buy Umicore palladium bars in weights from 10g, 1oz, 50g, 100g or 500g right up to a weighty 1kg example.

UBS palladium bars

UBS is a respected bullion brand and financial services company, with a history dating back more than a hundred and fifty years. At London Gold Bullion, you can make a substantial investment in a 1kg palladium bar – diversifying and strengthening your investment portfolio.

As you’ve probably noticed, there is a smaller range of palladium products available to buy than gold, platinum or silver, meaning that those products on the market are sought after. Though like all precious metals, the price of palladium will vary over time, the value of palladium has risen steadily over the last six months, showing there is a clear demand for this precious metal.

Industrial demand for Palladium

In fact, like other platinum group metals, palladium has a variety of industrial uses. First and foremost, palladium is utilised in catalytic converters in vehicles, converting harmful gasses into less harmful emissions, thereby helping the environment. It’s important to note too, that in some instances palladium performs better than platinum in this role, removing unburnt and partially burnt hydrocarbons from fuel more efficiently.

Palladium is also used as a catalyst for other industrial processes including hydrogenation and dehydrogenation processes. For hydrogen diffuses through palladium, meaning it can be separated and purified.

Palladium also has many electrical uses, integral as it is to multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), so it’s utilised in mobile phones, wide screen televisions and computers. Palladium has also been used in dentistry, surgical instruments, watches and carbon monoxide detectors. So, you might say that palladium is essential to our daily lives, utilised as it is in so many products that we use many times a day.

In fact, it’s been claimed that 25% of the products we use either contain palladium or use palladium in their production – a staggering a number. So, where would we be without this essential precious metal?  Buy this rare and sought after physical asset to build up your store of value.

Palladium – a substance of beauty  

Palladium has a white silvery look, much like Platinum, but available at a more accessible price. Traditionally it’s been used as an alloy with gold to create white gold. However, more and more these days, jewellery is being wrought solely from palladium.

Goldsmith Martyn Pugh advises designing jewellery that draws on the unique properties of palladium, rather than simply replicating designs used on other precious metals. Palladium’s light weight means you can create designs it would be impossible to achieve in platinum. So for instance, earrings or pendants of stunning dimensions are possible in palladium but would be far too heavy to wear if made in platinum. In addition, use palladium, and you have none of the problems associated with white gold, such as tarnishing and wear, given its anti-corrosion properties. Moreover, unlike some metals, palladium has no memory, and so won’t spring back when you bend it into shape.

So palladium jewellery has many advantages. Having been used intermittently during the 20th Century; palladium is now gaining greater recognition in the realm of fine jewellery.

The strengths of palladium

As The Royal Society of Chemistry recognises, palladium is a remarkable metal that can absorb 900 times its volume in hydrogen gas. Palladium is also resistant to corrosion, and it’s ductile, so much like gold, it can be hammered into a thin sheet. So, it’s no wonder that this remarkable metal has found so many uses today.

It’s also a precious metal with a fascinating history, which takes us from early 18th Century Brazil where it was deemed ouro podre, ‘worthless gold,’ to its identification by British scientist William Hyde Wollaston in 1803. Intriguingly, Wollaston, kept his discovery anonymous, announcing it in a pamphlet to which he did not put his name, and delaying presenting his findings to the Royal Society for a couple of years. You can read more about this in a previous blog.    

Palladium – a good performer

However, what most people are unaware of is that palladium is rarer than platinum, fifteen times rarer to be exact. Perhaps this rarity, hand in hand with the industrial demand for this precious metal is responsible for its recent rise in value.

So palladium is both a useful physical asset and a beautiful material.  Moreover, palladium is cheaper than platinum to purchase, making it a more attainable investment, but one which is still very much in demand. So, palladium may prove the asset with which you could diversify your investment portfolio and build up a store of value.

Want to know where to buy palladium? Then contact the team at London Gold Bullion, our experienced customer services team will be happy to assist you.



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