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Shipwrecked gold to be salvaged

An operation is underway to try and salvage approximately £125 billion worth of gold and other precious metals sunk during the first and second world wars by German U-boats. The UK firm Britannia Gold will set sail from an undisclosed port to explore the first cluster of shipwrecks where the loot is thought to be. The shipwrecks are littered ship all the way from the north Atlantic to the Caribbean, and are thought to boast over 2,000 tonnes of metal. Will Carrier, operational director of Britannia Gold, said one of the... Read More


News of the Week: Gold Prices Consolidate Before UK Election

The news reports from the bullion market this week focused largely on the run up to and results of the UK general election. Gold prices consolidated, but as the votes were counted the pound began to drop, causing ripples throughout the market. Meanwhile, two contenders emerged to vie for control of the silver benchmark in London, and the demand for bullion coins continued to grow. Read all of this and more in this week’s bullion news roundup. Gold Prices Rally to New Highs Bloomberg reported this week that gold prices... Read More


News of the Week: Gold Slips as Palladium Pushes Upwards

This week’s bullion news reports have focused largely around the slipping of gold from a one month high, and the comparable high performance of palladium. It is now said to be a question of when, not if, the palladium price takes over the platinum price. Meanwhile, silver recycling is said to have had a significant impact on the price of silver production, and a rather refreshing solid gold product has been released in the US. All of this and more in this week’s bullion news blog. Gold Falls from One... Read More


News of the Week: LBMA Launches Code of Conduct

This week has certainly been a busy one in the bullion market, with news coming in of the launch of an LBMA code of conduct for precious metals markets. The new guidelines aim to boost confidence in the gold market in particular, so that new investors feel more inclines to buy. Elsewhere, the Arizona Governor signed a bill allowing residents to use precious metals as currency in the state, and a US silver bullion round was released to mark the centennial of the famous US army recruitment poster. All of... Read More


News of the Week: Royal Mint Releases Platinum Range

This week’s main news story in the bullion market centres around the Royal Mint’s announcement of the release of a new platinum bullion range. The world famous British official mint is known for its high quality gold and silver, and now it has decided to add platinum to its already impressive range. Elsewhere, it was reported that gold rose by 2% this week as the US dollar fell along with confidence in Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mint ended its collectable line of silver Superman coins, and bullion coin... Read More


News of the Week: Bullion Prices on Downward Trend

This week’s bullion news reports have centred around the noticeable decline in gold and silver prices, which has been at its most significant rate since before the Brexit vote. This shift in the price of gold and silver has caused attention to turn towards the platinum and palladium prices, which have actually risen this week. Meanwhile, the Perth Mint has reported a drop in bullion sales for April, suggesting that the market is slowing down in the second quarter of the year. The Royal Mint, however, has become the first... Read More


News of the Week: Gold Prices Drop as FED Declares ‘No Change’

This week’s news reports focused on the recent drop in gold and silver prices, which came as a possible result of the Fed announcing ‘no change’ in its interest rates. Many investors had expected a rate hike, but the u-turn on this decision has left the bullion market reeling. The drop in prices was in line with a drop in demand this week, reported in spite of the still uncertain outcome of the French presidential election. Read all of this and more in this week’s bullion news blog. Gold Prices... Read More


News of the Week: China Gold Imports Jump

This week’s bullion news follows events around the world, as the first round of the French presidential elections impact the gold price and North Korea carries out a series of live military tests. In China, it was reported that gold imports had jumped to almost 112 tonnes last month, twice as much as in February and the highest level since April 2016. Read on below for all of this and more in this week’s bullion news blog. China’s Gold Imports Double Since February It was reported this week that the... Read More


News of the Week: Gold Holds Strong Ahead of French Elections

This week’s bullion news centred largely around the gold prices in the run up to the presidential election in France on Sunday. The vote, which is said to be too close to call at present, has been overshadowed by this week’s gun attacks in Paris. Casting a foreboding cloud over the last days of the election campaigns, the attack has caused some candidates to call of their campaigning early. The uncertainty surrounding these elections has caused gold to hold strong, with safe haven demand growing with the possibility of a... Read More


Silver Krugerrand Released to Mark 50th Anniversary

Ripples have run through the bullion market this week, after the announcement that a silver Krugerrand is set to be released to mark the coin’s 50th anniversary. A very special kind of coin indeed, the Krugerrand is best known for being the world’s first modern gold bullion coin, when it was released in 1967. Today, it is still one of the most widely traded gold coins around the globe, and is an essential item for any gold bullion portfolio. As one of the world’s most popular investment coins, the Krugerrand... Read More