Is your money safer kept as gold?

Given the volatility in both currencies and stock markets today, it is wise to wonder how many people are beginning to believe that their money may be better invested in gold rather than other vehicles?

Many amateur investors are now looking at gold for safety and value.

Since 1913 the pound has lost the majority of its value and as paper currencies are predicted to become extinct within the next thirty years, it really might be time to consider another medium of exchange.

Whilst inflation is currently at 2.5% – 3%, the UK bank base rate is way below this currently (0.5%). When the banks use invested money, it can be suggested that the return doesn’t even cover the loss caused by inflation. Over the last ten years the Bank of England has printed and issued around £500 billion which could eventually lead to further stoking inflation.

According to a poll conducted by YouGov in 2016 over half of the population (52%) do not trust banks to keep their money safe whilst 51% of people believe a global financial crisis is imminent.

With such apparent caution and even distrust over how we currently trade, where our money is stored and who controls it, more people are turning to gold as a solution to all these challenges, and it’s not hard to see why.

Gold has always maintained its purchasing power and has outlived all other forms of currency throughout history and is universally accepted by everyone, everywhere, at any time.

It remains independent as it is a powerful resistant hedge against the machinations of governments and manipulations by central banks.

Throughout various financial crises, gold has remained safe and steady whilst demonstrating financial security and protection from systemic risks and financial disasters.

It has an indisputable track record.

For thousands of years it has been seen the finest valuable commodity; holding its value and increasing over time.

Gold is generally a secure investment which can be easily purchased, and with the rise of online bullion retailers, it can be bought within a few clicks and delivered safely and securely to your door.

If you are considering buying gold or simply looking for some advice contact us.

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