Krugerrand – A coin of value

If you’re looking to purchase a coin that has been proven to hold and build its value throughout significant change, the Krugerrand stands out from the crowd.

The Krugerrand was created in 1967 with the specific objective to give ordinary people access to wealth generated by South African gold mining.

Created by the South African Mint and Rand Refinery, the coin still has its roots in these two companies. Rand Refinery sources, refines and manufactures the blank coins which are passed onto the South African Mint for minting before being transferred back to the refinery to be packaged and distributed.

Since its first production the Krugerrand has pioneered enduring value for investors and continues to be the world’s most traded and trusted gold bullion coin.

The Krugerrand is legal tender and is the only bullion one that is actually ‘worth its weight in gold’ as its face value is denominated in ounces of gold, whereas all gold bullion coins have a face value below the value of gold.

During the past 50 years over 52 million ounces of Krugerrands have been sold and despite political and financial turmoil the South African coin has always built and delivered value to its holders.  It is recognised by international gold dealers, banks and coin traders and can be traded and transported with ease across the globe.

Available in four sizes containing 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz or 1/10oz of pure gold, the Krugerrand offers great accessibility. Each coin contains 11/12 24 carat gold and 1/2 copper, which results in 22 carat gold. The addition of copper does not dilute the gold content, each Krugerrand contains no less than the stated amount of gold for is size.

For a coin that socially transformed the lives of many it is likely to continue to prove its value for generations in the future.


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