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Krugerrand – A coin of value

If you’re looking to purchase a coin that has been proven to hold and build its value throughout significant change, the Krugerrand stands out from the crowd. The Krugerrand was created in 1967 with the specific objective to give ordinary people access to wealth generated by South African gold mining. Created by the South African Mint and Rand Refinery, the coin still has its roots in these two companies. Rand Refinery sources, refines and manufactures the blank coins which are passed onto the South African Mint for minting before being... Read More


Is your money safer kept as gold?

Given the volatility in both currencies and stock markets today, it is wise to wonder how many people are beginning to believe that their money may be better invested in gold rather than other vehicles? Many amateur investors are now looking at gold for safety and value. Since 1913 the pound has lost the majority of its value and as paper currencies are predicted to become extinct within the next thirty years, it really might be time to consider another medium of exchange. Whilst inflation is currently at 2.5% –... Read More


The Language of the Bullion Market

Newcomers to the bullion market are often overwhelmed by much of the language, or jargon, used to discuss gold and silver investments. Particularly if you’re new to investment in general, you may find yourself lost in the confusion of new words, which might put you off investing altogether. In actual fact, familiarising yourself with these terms is very simple, and before you know if you’ll be fully versed in the basics of bullion language. Read on below to find out the meanings of some of the most common, and most... Read More


How Are Platinum and Palladium Different?

Platinum bars and palladium bars are both growing in popularity in the bullion market, with both demand and prices rising in the first quarter of 2017. As these metals are lesser known, and look so alike, they are often confused for one another and some people wrongly assume that they are interchangeable. Despite the fact that platinum and palladium are both in the platinum family of metals, they have some significant differences that should be taken into account when making decisions about which to invest in. Similarities First, let’s review... Read More


A Guide to the Gold to Platinum Ratio

Those looking to invest in our new collection of platinum bars will no doubt be interested to know how platinum fares compared to gold in the bullion market. If you are new to the platinum market and are not yet acquainted with the history of platinum bullion, you may not know that platinum is in fact much rarer than gold. In mining history, 25 times more gold has been mined than platinum, which explains why, for many decades, platinum was more expensive than gold. That, however, is no longer the... Read More


A Complete Guide to the Scottsdale Mint Coin Collection

One of our newest additions to our bullion selection, the Scottsdale Mint, has a truly impressive range of uniquely designed silver coins that are ideal for investors who are particularly interested in the design of their coins. This collection of bullion coins is minted in the US, but draws inspiration from all over the world and has even partnered with other countries to create truly authentic and unique coins. If you’re looking for a special bullion gift or a coin investment that is a little bit different, this collection could... Read More

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What Different Kinds of People Own or Invest in Gold?

What Different Kinds of People Own or Invest in Gold? A question we are sometimes asked here at London Gold Bullion is: what different kinds of people own or invest in gold? This question stems from the sense of mystery and misunderstanding surrounding gold and the people who own it. In modern times, gold is valuable commodity that attracts savvy financial investors for a range of different reasons. But gold has a very messy history, and the kinds of people who have made their living in it over the centuries.... Read More


How Certi-Lock Keeps Your Investments Safe

One of the most common concerns that bullion investors have when making a purchase is whether their investment will be safe and secure. This is particularly true of new investors, who have no previous experience of having precious metals delivered or stored in a vault, and therefore are understandably worried about protecting their investment. So how do refiners of gold, silver and platinum make sure that their bars and coins are secure from the moment they are minted? One of the ways is through Certi-Lock. Certi-Lock is a high-security, high-tech... Read More


30 Quick Tips for Investing in Bullion

Whether you’re new to the investment market or a seasoned bullion collector, you  can always benefit from a few tips on the investment process. The bullion investment market is unlike any other, and for all new bullion buyers it is important to research the specifics of this market in order to be successful. Whether you’re considering buying gold bullion or silver bullion, bars or coins, take a look as these quick tips that will set you in good stead when it comes to buying your next piece of bullion. Always... Read More


The Bullion Purity Guide: .999 and Beyond

A piece of gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion or palladium bullion fineness, or purity grade, is one of the most important things to consider when investing. If you’re new to the bullion market, you might wonder what .999 and .9999 mean, and how this could affect your choices when you come to buy and sell. The terms ‘fineness’ and ‘purity’ are used interchangeably to refer to how much pure gold or silver is in a piece of bullion. No piece of bullion is 100% pure, as this would make... Read More