How and why to invest in real gold bars

Want to find the most cost-effective way to invest in gold? Then invest in gold bars, as they’ll provide the lowest price point per ounce at which you’ll be able to invest in real gold.

Gold coins may have a certain artistry and refinement about them, but gold bars are the classic investment, valued by banks, governments and investors around the world. Gold bars are the indomitable and redoubtable ingredient of the investment world.

Buy gold bars, and you’ll get more for your money weight-wise than if you were to invest in gold coins. Put bluntly; gold bars represent better value for money than gold coins. If you invest in gold coins, you will pay for the more time intensive process that goes into the design and manufacturing process of them. Buy gold bars, and you won’t be paying for such a labour intensive process.

Invest in real gold bars, and you have a very practical investment that is easy to stack and store. Taking up less space and being easier to store than the equivalent weight in coins.

An investment wholly in your hands

Moreover, just like any other investment in real gold, gold bars are an investment that has proven to endure, remaining a steadfast investment throughout history – often holding its value when other investments are losing theirs. Moreover, real gold bars are an investment that is entirely in your hands, for you to accumulate or liquefy whenever you see fit. You are not dependent on a third party nor are you restrained by the conditions and penalties of a  saving or investment scheme, where your investment may be tied up for a fixed term. It’s this flexibility and autonomy that make gold bars an attractive proposition for many investors. Gold bars are a tangible asset that you can wrap your hands around.

Finding the best gold bar for you

Real gold bars: how to find the right bar for you

Gold bars are available in a huge array of weights, from a 1 gram up to a more sturdy 1 kg or even a 12.5 kg bar. If you haven’t invested in gold bars before then, 1 oz bars are a popular place to begin your collection, coming in somewhere in the middle of the weights available. If you want to make a more significant investment, it’s probably a good idea to vary the size of the gold bars you invest in, so you have greater flexibility when it comes to turning them back into cash.

Generally speaking the larger the gold bar you buy, the better value it will be when priced by the ounce. So you can see why banks tend to invest in the whopping 12.5 kg bars. However, buy multiple smaller bars, and they are divisible, in a way a large gold bar is not. So if you have the resources too, it makes sense to invest in gold bars of a variety of weights.  Also with smaller bars, you are likely to have a greater number of potential buyers when it comes to selling your gold bars.

So the larger the gold bar you buy, the better value it will be when priced per ounce, however, the smaller the gold bar, the greater flexibility you have – the choice is yours.

What to look for in real gold bars

All gold bars of quality will have the weight, purity, refiner and a registration number stamped on them, just like this UBS gold bar for instance. Look out for these marks so you can be confident of the quality and provenance of your gold bar. They’ll also help you when you come to sell so that you won’t require the services of an assay office. Here the hallmark (or makers mark) is key. The more reputable the hallmark, the easier it will be to sell your gold bar at a later date. At London Gold Bullion, we sell real gold bars from some of the most well-respected refineries around the world including:

We also stock Scottsdale Mint’s gold bars produced in partnership with Heraeus; each bar is sealed in a Certi-Lock assay card and assigned a unique set of authenticity credentials so that you can be assured of its quality. Each bar is LBMA certified and struck out of .9999 fine gold.

In addition, we are proud to be the exclusive stockists of Stunt & Co gold bars, a British; family-owned precious metal refinery known for its quality, sustainability, and heritage. All Stunt & Co products bear the hallmark of the Sheffield Assay Office, an institution of over 250 years standing, so you can be confident of their exacting standards and the outstanding quality of their products.

So when purchasing your gold bars, look out for the brand, hallmarks and purity that denote yours is precious metal of quality.

Real gold bars: gold investment is popular

Where to buy your gold bars

When buying gold bars, look out for reputable dealers who offer an online store and gold bars from respected gold refineries around the world. Also ensure they offer a variety of secure payment methods, as we do and insured and guaranteed delivery of your order. You’ll also want to look out for dealers who offer to buy back your gold bullion bars, just as at London Gold Bullion, we promise to buy back gold bullion at 100% of the spot price. All of these pointers should indicate that you are buying your gold bars from a dealer of good repute.

In conclusion, then, real gold bars are a tangible physical asset valued as much today as they have been throughout history. Though all investments go up and down in value, gold is an investment that time and again has proven its worth when other investments are fast losing theirs. Gold bars, in particular, represent both a cost-effective investment when priced by the ounce and one that endures over time. So invest in gold bars to today to make your investment portfolio more robust.

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