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solid gold gadgets 09/12/2016

Forget Rose Gold, these are the Best Solid Gold Gadgets

Lately it seems that you can’t walk down the street without spotting a bit of rose gold tech. Apple has just launched a new rose gold MacBook, and every smartphone model worth its salt now features a rose gold version. Where this trend sprang from we may never know, but one thing’s for certain: you don’t need gold colouring when you’ve got the real thing. For the past few years, global brands and independent tech designers alike have been coming up with solid gold, and sometimes even diamond encrusted, versions... Read More

gold refining 25/11/2016

The Gold Refinery Process

Ever wondered how gold goes from a raw, unrefined material to the pure gold bullion we trade on the market? Although the process has evolved over time, and now there are several different ways to refine gold, the basic principles have been in place for thousands of years. It’s easy to forget that the smooth, yellow blocks of gold in our vaults were once raw, impure materials buried deep down in the earth’s crust, but this is precisely why they are as valuable as they are. By understanding the process... Read More


How Much Gold is in a Gold Medal?

The Olympic Games are well underway in Rio, and sports fans around the world are all talking about the first round of medal winners. So far, Vietnam has won its first ever gold medal, while the US has taken nine and Michael Phelps has won three, making his career total a staggering 21 golds. During those joyful, often tearful medal ceremonies, many viewers are undoubtedly wondering about the actual worth of the gold medals. Are they pure gold, or just gold plated? The truth might just surprise you. The Official... Read More

pure gold refining 26/09/2016

Gold Refineries around the World

Although gold is mined in only a few parts of the world, refineries have sprung up in a much great number of countries, offering investors a vast range of choice when it comes to deciding on a refinery to buy from. There are now distinguished gold refineries in Canada, Belgium, Germany, China and even right here in the UK. But what makes each individual refinery unique, and how is one different from another? Here we reveal the origins of some of the most prominent gold refineries in the world, and... Read More

gold monuments 12/09/2016

The World’s Greatest Gold Monuments

Monuments are incredibly common in every country around the world, satisfying the universal urge to commemorate a significant individual or event. In the UK, the majority of our monuments are made out of stone or metal, as these materials are highly durable and relatively easy to obtain. In many other countries, though, common metals just aren’t good enough for a particularly important monument. In areas of Asia in particular, such as in India and Thailand, monuments made of gold are incredibly popular, and are often linked to religious offerings. Here... Read More

london stock exchange 30/06/2016

Brexit Causes Gold Prices to Soar

Gold prices remained high on Monday, after jumping 20% since the UK voted to leave the EU on Thursday. Prices are now at a two year high in the US and are continuing to rise, mainly due to the economic instability brought about by the leave vote. On Friday, when the result was announced, the pound dropped to its lowest level in 30 years, the FTSE took a plunge and there was speculation of another recession on the horizon. Of course, this created a perfect storm for the growth of... Read More

gold mask 15/04/2016

Technological advances in solid gold design

This week has been awash with technological advances in solid gold design. In Japan, a company announced that it has created the world’s first 3D printed solid gold mask, which takes the form of a tiger, while in the US a jeweller created a solid gold figure of Han Solo. A Sony engineer also made waves by revealing a gold encased audio system, which exploits the metal’s natural sound dampening qualities to produce a superior audio experience. Meanwhile, on the bullion market, the price of silver surged quite unexpectedly in... Read More

3d gold doodle 08/04/2016

New applications of solid gold casting

This week has brought with it a great deal of industry news from around the world, along with some exciting reports of new applications of solid gold casting. In Australia, the Perth Mint reported a significant rise in the demand for gold and silver bullion, while here in the UK the Royal Mint released a new collection of coins inspired by the Queen’s Beasts statues. In the less conventional gold market, Nintendo announced that it has created a limited range of ten solid gold entertainment systems, and David Cunningham showcased... Read More