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Investment Decisions: Should You Buy Bullion Coins or Bullion Bars?

For first time investors, the choice between bullion bars and bullion coins can seem like a difficult one, as there are plenty of advantages to each. Despite the apparently daunting nature of this decision though, investors need not worry too much about whether they are making the right choice. All bullion investors come across this dilemma at some point in their personal investment process, and it is important to remember that there is no inherently right or wrong decision: it is down to each individual to decide what is best... Read More


Worth its Weight in Gold: An introduction to gold’s value by weight

We all know the phrase “It’s worth its weight in gold” and that it means that something is very valuable. Gold’s value is measured by its weight and its purity. However, most people don’t really understand how much gold is worth, or how heavy everyday things are by holding them, and so would not be able to hold a piece of gold in their hand, feel its weight, and give you a remotely accurate valuation. “It’s worth its weight in gold” is just a roundabout way of saying “It’s very... Read More

Gold Nuggets 09/01/2017

Why Is Gold So Valuable?

Gold has been valued by societies around the world for thousands of years. It has been used as currency more than any other metal, and today is still highly valued in the vast majority of countries. We know that gold is expensive, and that it is used both for investment and for elaborate jewellery and decoration, but why is this? Why is it that gold is valued so universally, both on an economic and aesthetic level? It turns out that the answers lie in a combination of history, science and... Read More

gold circuitry 29/12/2016

Unusual Uses for Gold: Electronics

Welcome to the fourth instalment in the Unusual Uses for Gold blog series, in which we discuss some of the strangest used for gold around the world. From gold leaf face masks to 24 carat hamburgers, we’ve seen pretty much everything on this blog. This month we’re delving into the energy and electronics sectors to find out why gold is a popular material to use in the electronics industry. Although this might not be an unusual occurrence, it is certainly one of the lesser known ways that gold is used... Read More

gold transport 28/12/2016

Unusual Uses for Gold: Luxury Transport

In this final instalment of the unusual uses for gold blog series, we’re focusing on a very specific topic: luxury transport. In the past we’ve looked at gold covered food, cosmetics and electricals, but none of these come close to the luxury afforded by a gold plated car, or even a helicopter. Only the wealthiest and most extravagant investors around the world have been known to take their love of gold this far, so of course there are more than a few celebrity names involved here. Let’s take a look... Read More

gold medicine 27/12/2016

Unusual Uses for Gold: Medicine

In this blog series, we take a look at some of the more unusual ways that gold is used in industries around the world. Previously, we looked at gold in the beauty industry and in food, and in this third instalment we’ll be taking a look at medical uses for gold. Now, we all know that gold can be used in dentistry, but there are other, little known applications that doctors have found for taking advantage of the properties of the yellow metal. Take a look at this guide and... Read More

gold food 23/12/2016

Unusual Uses for Gold: Food

Previously in our Unusual Uses for Gold series, we talked about beauty treatments and the potential benefits of using gold in skin creams and makeup. This week things are getting even more unusual, as we reveal some of the food industry’s most expensive experiments. For the past decade there seems to have been a surge in high end restaurants offering special food items that incorporate gold into their recipes. And we’re not talking about gold colouring, this is the real, 24 carat deal. You may not know that gold is... Read More

gold beauty 22/12/2016

Unusual Uses for Gold: Beauty Treatments

Gold is one of the most valued substances in the world, but it isn’t only its rarity that has made it so popular. Gold’s unique properties have made it one of the most widely used metals across a range of industries, which take advantage of its malleability, colour and ability to conduct electricity. In this series of articles, we reveal some of the most unusual uses for gold, to open the minds of investors to the real world application of their gold bars and coins. This week we delve into... Read More

gold tax 20/12/2016

The Tax Benefits of Buying Gold Bullion

There are many reasons to buy bullion, one of the most attractive of which is the prospect of a tax break. There are several different ways in which your tax payments can benefit from buying bullion, all of which can result in you getting more for your money when you invest. Before buying bullion, it is essential to find out what your tax benefits could be, to make sure that you don’t miss out on claiming back tax or avoiding paying unnecessary fees. Read on to find out everything you... Read More

ancient gold 19/12/2016

The History of Gold

Britain is hardly known for its gold production, and it’s quite clear to see why. Of all of the pure gold that has been mined throughout history – around 170,000 tons – only around 8 tons has come from Britain. This is such a tiny fraction, way smaller than the impressive contributions made by South Africa, America, China, Russia and Australia, that some of us forget all about British gold. Some investors might even be completely unaware that gold was mind in Britain until quite recently, or that British gold... Read More