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Gold Bar Weights & Investments

Gold has proven highly prized and sought after throughout history, from the Ancient Egyptians to America’s Old West, gold has held an unmatched status for over two millennia. Gold bars, in particular, have proven a resilient, flexible and cost-effective investment, read on to discover how gold bars could help secure your financial future. Choose gold bars for a cost-effective investment The weight of gold bars makes them a particularly cost-effective investment, as you pay a lower price per ounce than when compared to other gold investments, such as historic coins... Read More


A guide to gold coins for sale

Looking for that elusive Pot of Gold? Well, don’t worry, your search needn’t go on any further – we’ve got a range of gold coins for you to investment in, so you can build up your very own investment pot. The history of Gold From El Dorado, the City of Gold to the elusive Pot of Gold, it’s a precious substance shrouded in mystery. Treasured throughout the centuries and mined for over 5,000 years, gold is a substance revered by cultures the world over, from Ancient Egypt to the Aztecs... Read More

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A Guide to Gold Bars’ Price and the General Price of Gold

Gold is, without a doubt, the most sought-after metal in our collection of bullion bars and coins. We are called London Gold Bullion, after all. Gold has been the basis of countless civilisations’ currency throughout human history. And it’s this historic value that keeps gold at the top, as it isn’t as rare as platinum or palladium – nor is it as useful. In fact, gold is 30 times more common than palladium and 15 times more common than platinum, yet it is still more valuable than either metal. To... Read More


A Guide to the Price of Gold Coins

If you’re looking to invest in gold coins, you might be interested in the differences in pricing between many of the 1oz coins. Why are some gold coins more expensive than others? Are there intrinsic differences between these coins that make some more valuable than others? Well, the short answer to this is no, not necessarily. Two 1oz coins could be of the same fineness and even the same year, and have different prices. This might be confusing for some investors, especially those who are new to the market. Let’s... Read More


How to Buy Gold Bars

Considering investing in Gold bars? Well, read on to find out why gold and gold bars, in particular, would provide you with an enduring and cost-effective investment – helping you to diversify your investment portfolio. History of Gold Gold, a precious metal revered through the centuries, wreathed in the myths and legends of Ancient civilisations, from the ‘Midas touch’ to the Golden Fleece. Gold – a precious metal synonymous with Ancient dynasties and gods; linked to immortality and used to decorate temples, tombs and shrines across the globe. Gold, a... Read More


How and Where to Buy Gold Coins Online

In this article, we’d like to answer a few questions we’re often asked about buying gold coins online. We sell a huge range of gold coins, and they are a slightly more challenging investment than gold bars, although the potential rewards can make gold coins well worth your time and effort.


Why, What, and Where to Purchase Gold Bars

If you’re looking for more information about why, what and where you should purchase gold bars, then you’ve come to the right place. Gold bars are the best choice for anyone who wants to invest in gold and is looking for the best price per ounce. Whilst gold coins look amazing, and they often come with interesting stories, they also come with an additional mark-up due to the packaging and manufacturing costs. Gold bars, on the other hand, do not come with the added complications that coins do; they are... Read More


Gold Guide: How it is found, mined, and processed

Here at London Gold Bullion, we are experts in gold bullion, in the different brands, weights, coins, etc. But one thing we don’t often talk about is how gold ore is discovered, mined, and processed into pure gold of investment-grade purity, which is defined by the HMRC as having a purity of 995 parts per thousand (99.99% pure). Mankind has been mining gold for millennia, but the method of finding it and extracting it has changed significantly over the centuries. This guide will outline the modern process used to find,... Read More


Brand Spotlight: UBS Gold Bullion

We have recently been excited to announce the addition of UBS gold bullion to our ever-growing selection of bullion bars. The UBS range includes high quality gold bars in a wide range of sizes, from 2g to 1kg, all of which have an impressive fineness of 999.9. Created in Switzerland with investment in mind, each bullion bar is individually minted to perfection, using innovative refinery techniques that the company has developed over many decades. Each investment grade gold bar is smooth, sleek and of the highest quality, combining technical fineness... Read More


When Should You Buy Gold Bullion?

As gold bullion experts, people regularly ask us when they should buy gold. The answer isn’t quite as simple as it would be with many other kinds of investments. This is because gold’s value is much more stable than most other commodities and investments, and the bullion markets behave differently. There are some things you should know about when to buy bullion, though, which may affect your investment decisions in the future.