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What makes a Good Delivery Bar?

Good Delivery bars are notable for their large size and high purity and are usually used in the major international markets such as London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Zurich as well as in the gold reserves of governments, central banks and the IMF. Good Delivery bars adhere to a set of rules issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) describing the physical characteristics of gold and silver bars used in settlement in the wholesale London bullion market. Only bars that meet the Good Delivery standards of the LMBA are acceptable. The LBMA benchmarks and regulates the... Read More


Guide to American Eagle Gold Coins

Gold is often the most sought-after precious metal in the world, and bullion investors can buy gold bullion in either bars or coins. We have written several blog posts explaining the pros and cons of gold bars and gold coins, so we’d like to focus in on a more specific topic: the American Eagle gold coin. As one of the World’s most popular coins from the most traded currency (the USD$), the American Eagle is definitely worth its own dedicated blog post. In this guide, we’re going to look at... Read More


Perth Mint Gold Bars for an enduring investment

Want to invest in gold bars? Then take a look at the Perth Mint gold bars, for a precious metal investment with an outstanding reputation around the globe. The story of the Perth Mint The Perth Mint is a refinery of distinction, responsible for producing “arguably the purest of all gold” – so what better place to produce your gold bars. The Mint has a heritage dating back over a hundred years, having been founded in 1899 in response to the gold deposits found in Western Australia. Prospectors who flocked... Read More


Guide to selling gold coins

Gold has been recognised as a steadfast investment and a store of value for many centuries.  Gold coins are an investment that people have turned to when other investments are swiftly tumbling in value, like after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 for instance. In more recent times, gold has performed well too – as the FT has put it, gold has been a “mighty fine investment during the past 10 years.” It might be you invested in gold in the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis or at another... Read More


Bullion Guide: How to Spot Fake Gold Bars

Customers often ask us how to spot fake gold bars, silver bars and coins. When buying such high-value commodities as gold and silver bullion, a fake gold bar or coin could cost thousands of pounds and is worthless if it turns out to be counterfeit. In this guide, we will look at several different tell-tale signs of fake gold bars and coins and we’ll tell you what you can do to ensure you are always buying authentic gold and silver bullion.


A Buying Guide to US Gold Coins

If you’re looking to invest in gold bullion coins, you might be considering what the differences are between coins from different countries. What exactly are the differences between gold coins from different parts of the world? Why are some more expensive than others? Some of the most popular gold bullion coins are minted in the United States, and many bullion investors include these coins in their portfolios. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about buying US gold coins. Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins? Gold bullion coins... Read More


How and why to invest in real gold bars

Want to find the most cost-effective way to invest in gold? Then invest in gold bars, as they’ll provide the lowest price point per ounce at which you’ll be able to invest in real gold. Gold coins may have a certain artistry and refinement about them, but gold bars are the classic investment, valued by banks, governments and investors around the world. Gold bars are the indomitable and redoubtable ingredient of the investment world. Buy gold bars, and you’ll get more for your money weight-wise than if you were to... Read More


Complete Gold Coins Value Guide

As we have a large range of gold coins here at London Gold Bullion, we are regularly asked about advantages of investing in gold coins and about the values of different types of gold coin. Investors are often more comfortable with gold bars because their value is more straightforwardly connected to their weight in gold. Looking for a simpler investment makes a lot of sense, and we dedicate entire blog posts to the benefits of gold bars over gold coins. However, there are several advantages and additional values that gold... Read More


The Complete Guide to Credit Suisse Gold Bars

For veteran gold bullion investors, Credit Suisse gold bars need no introduction. In fact, the Credit Suisse gold bar is one of the most popular gold bullion bars in the world. But why is it so popular? There are many different factors that contribute to its popularity, such as its history, the prestige of the Credit Suisse Group that mints it, the bar’s beautiful finish, and the low production overheads that ensure their price is as close as possible to the spot price of gold. This guide to the Credit... Read More


How, Why, and Where to Buy Gold Coins

Gold coins are one of the most popular types of bullion investment. There are many reasons why gold coins are more popular than other forms of investment and we thought it would be useful to write a comprehensive guide to buying gold coins. If anything in this article inspires you to invest in your first gold coin, visit our extensive gold coin collection here at London Gold Bullion. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of buying gold coins, the different kinds of gold coins you can buy, and... Read More