The Complete Guide to Credit Suisse Gold Bars

For veteran gold bullion investors, Credit Suisse gold bars need no introduction. In fact, the Credit Suisse gold bar is one of the most popular gold bullion bars in the world. But why is it so popular? There are many different factors that contribute to its popularity, such as its history, the prestige of the Credit Suisse Group that mints it, the bar’s beautiful finish, and the low production overheads that ensure their price is as close as possible to the spot price of gold. This guide to the Credit Suisse gold bar will look at the history, design, variations, and investment advantages of Credit Suisse gold bars.


The History of Credit Suisse Bars

In the first instance, Credit Suisse was created to help Switzerland build its railway infrastructure. It was called the Swiss Credit Institution for several decades before it became known as “Credit Suisse”. So, although it was a private organisation, its contribution to the Swiss economy was huge and it was fully supported and authorised by the Swiss government.

Credit Suisse had a part to play in the establishment of the Swiss Franc, which remains one of the strongest currencies to this day. Without a reliable source of credit, most modern companies would not be able to get off the ground, let alone flourish, creating jobs and capital for the country. This is why Credit Suisse was so important to Switzerland’s development throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Credit Suisse played a valuable role in supplying credit to numerous Swiss companies and entrepreneurs over the years, and it is even credited with helping establish the world-famous Swiss banking industry. It is difficult to imagine Switzerland without its prestigious banking industry, and it is impossible to imagine this industry without Credit Suisse’s contribution. Today, Credit Suisse Group is, by far, one of the most prestigious and influential financial institutions and it is the prestige, and the trust that goes with it, that encourages people to invest in Credit Suisse gold bars over many other forms of bullion.

From Switzerland’s Valcambi refinery, Credit Suisse made their first gold bars for public investment in 1979. Although this meant they were relatively new to the gold bullion market, their organisation’s reputation and its backing by the Swiss government ensured that their gold bars were highly sought after. In order to meet demands, Credit Suisse gold bars have been in constant production ever since. And as more and more people have become aware of the advantages of gold bullion investment, the market has grown. In response to this, Credit Suisse has created a wider variety of different-sized gold bars in order to meet different investors’ needs. Credit Suisse is widely regarded as one of the most affordable, reputable sources of gold bullion bars anywhere in the world.


The Physical Characteristics Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Anyone who invests in gold bars knows how much variety there is out there. As long as you are investing in .999 fine gold, then you can be confident it will be very easy to sell off whenever you want. However, many investors actively seek out Credit Suisse gold bars for their unique aesthetic. Whilst brands like Metalor make some of their gold bars with a rough, unrefined quality that many investors find appealing, Credit Suisse’s gold bars are as clean, crisp, and elegant as possible. They have sharper edges than most gold bars and they are also much thinner than the average gold bar on the market. The finish on Credit Suisse’s gold bars is as polished and refined as anything you’ll find from another brand, and this stunning aesthetic is, undoubtedly, a large part of its success and enduring popularity with investors.

The front of each Credit Suisse gold bar is stamped with specific information:


A) Its brand ‘Credit Suisse’

B) Its weight

C) Its purity, which is 999.9 (99.9% pure)

D) Its refinery ‘assayer founder’

E) Its unique serial number

A Credit Suisse gold bar will always have the same brand along the top, the same purity (999.9), and the same refinery stamp of ‘assayer founder’. What will be different on each gold bar, however, is the serial number along the bottom. This is unique to each bar and it helps an assay office authenticate your gold bullion more easily. The weight will obviously differ depending on which size bar you buy, and its weight will be indicated in grams as opposed to troy ounces (the standard measurement for precious metals), due to Europe’s predilection towards the metric system.

On the back of all Credit Suisse gold bars, you’ll find the diagonal ‘Credit Suisse’ logo stamped repeatedly. Despite the finesse of the finished product, it is the lower overheads of making Credit Suisse gold bars that ensure they are such good value for investors; we’ll go into this in more detail later in the guide.


Different Sizes of Credit Suisse Gold Bar

As we mentioned earlier, Credit Suisse goes to a lot of effort to offer a variety of gold bar sizes to its customers. The different weights give customers the choice of how to split up their gold bullion investment. If customers have a large amount of money to invest and want the maximum possible value, then they can opt for the 1oz bar. If an investor wants the option of selling part of their investment, but not all of it, then they can opt for several 1g, 5g, or 10g bars as they can sell two or three of their 10-bar investment and keep the rest. Smaller bars have a slightly higher premium, as they cost more in relation to their weight. However, it is easier to find a buyer for a smaller bar and you don’t have to commit to selling your entire investment if you own several smaller bars, so they are more a more flexible, more liquid investment.

As Switzerland falls in line with the rest of Europe, it uses metric weight denominations. However, it does also produce several bars measured in troy ounces. The following weight variations of Credit Suisse gold bar are available for investors:

Metric: 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

Imperial: 0.5oz, 1oz, 10oz

The Ever-Fluctuating Price of Credit Suisse Gold Bars

As we have covered in our Guide to the Price of Gold Coins, gold coins minted and backed by a country have a currency denomination and are known as sovereign gold coins. No gold bar can be considered legal tender in the same way. Gold bars derive all of their value from their weight in gold in accordance with the price of gold. But as gold bars are cheaper to make than smaller, more detailed coins, their premiums are smaller, which means that more of the investor’s money goes into the spot price for gold (this is the pure, trading value of gold in accordance with its weight).

The price of gold fluctuates over time and investors buy and trade gold in relation to these fluctuations in order to find deals that work for them. For much of the world, the gold price they use is the London Gold Fix – sometimes just called ‘The London Fix’. This is the price of gold as established by the gold markets at 10am and 3.30pm each day. The price is set by London’s gold market and fixed at that price until the next update. This gives investors an agreed value that they can work with throughout the day. You can find the real-time value of gold on a widget on our homepage. As the value of gold changes on a day-to-day basis so too does the value of Credit Suisse gold bars. But as the production overheads are much lower than gold coins, their value will be much closer to the spot price. The same rule of thumb applies to all investment-grade gold bullion bars. Credit Suisse gold bars are considered to be an incredibly liquid investment (easy to sell) for a variety of reasons:

  • They come with a significant level of prestige
  • They each have an easily verifiable unique serial number
  • They are backed by the Swiss government
  • They are aesthetically pleasing


We hope this complete guide to Credit Suisse gold bars has been useful. If you’d like to have a look at other gold bar brands, you can browse our gold bullion bar collection today. Please also feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our bullion products.


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