A Buying Guide to US Gold Coins

If you’re looking to invest in gold bullion coins, you might be considering what the differences are between coins from different countries. What exactly are the differences between gold coins from different parts of the world? Why are some more expensive than others? Some of the most popular gold bullion coins are minted in the United States, and many bullion investors include these coins in their portfolios. Read on below to find out everything you need to know about buying US gold coins.

Why Buy Gold Bullion Coins?

Gold bullion coins have been a popular means of investment and trade for thousands of years, with early currencies including coins made of real gold that had an intrinsic worth as a precious metal. Gold coins could be relied upon to trade with and invest in for the simple reason that they were made of gold, a rare and unique metal. Today, our currencies do not have this same gold content, as they are fiat currencies regulated by governments. However, there are still ways to invest in gold coins in order to protect wealth and own assets of intrinsic value.

Purchasing gold bullion coins is an increasingly popular way to invest, as these coins represent a low-risk investment with strong liquidity and good long-term prospects. Newcomers to the gold bullion market are often interested in purchasing gold coins due to their lower cost and small size, which makes them easy to store. However, some coins are more expensive than others, as many different factors can determine the cost of a gold coin. These factors include the actual gold content of the coin, as well as its availability and rarity.

Buying US Gold Bullion Coins

US gold bullion coins are popular with investors, due to their long-running history and well-known presence in the market. When buying US gold coins, investors should consider a range of different options, including the official United States Mint coins. The American Gold Eagle is one of the most popular coins on the bullion market, and has been since it was first released by the United States Mint in 1986. Each coin is guaranteed by the US government to contain the stated weight of actual gold in troy ounces, with the fineness being a minimum of .9167, alloyed with silver and copper to create a more wear-resistant coin.

Alternatives to the American Gold Eagle include the Scottsdale Mint King Tut Gold Coin and the Scottsdale Mint Tombstone Gold Hammered Coin, both of which are inspired by historical cultures. The Scottsdale Mint has  a strong reputation across the continent for producing innovatively designed bullion coins in a variety of unique styles, the brand has become a popular choice for gold investors from around the world. Whether investing in big, government-backed mints or smaller, independent refineries, investors should consider all of their options before buying US gold coins.

The Price of Gold Coins

When buying gold bullion coins, investors will naturally consider the different prices of coins at different times. Gold coin prices can be affected by several different factors other than the current gold price, which is why some gold coins are more expensive than others. One of these is the availability of the coins, and whether they are in a limited edition range. If only a small amount of a particular type of coin has been minted, then that coin will certainly be more expensive due to its rarity. This also applies to coins that have special design features or have been created to mark a special occasion or anniversary.

Some coins are more expensive simply due to their brand, which may price its coins higher if it is a particularly sought after name in the bullion market. These coins are often easier to sell on in the future, so may be worth paying a higher premium for if you can afford to do so. Above all, when purchasing bullion coins you should be sure to buy from authorised suppliers who have direct links with refineries.

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