Brand Spotlight: The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a leading global gold refiner and bullion and coin manufacturer for the international market.

It is responsible for the refining of precious metals, the manufacturing of cast bars and the fabrication of industrial products. It also produces precious metal coins and other minted products.

As Australia’s official bullion mint, The Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia. Established in 1899, it was the last of three colonial branches of the UK’s projects to refine and mint gold for the British Empire during the gold rush.

Between 1899 and 1931, The Perth Mint struck more than 106 million gold sovereigns and nearly 735,000 half-sovereigns for currency in Australia and throughout the British Empire. In 1931 they stopped striking gold when Britain when Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931, however the refinery turned to producing bullion bar and during WW2 the mint started minting Australian coins.

Up until the end of 1983, the mint manufactured much of Australia’s lower-denomination coin currency and in 1987 under an agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of the Treasury, the mint was tasked to mint and market gold, silver and platinum Australian legal tender coins.

Today, the Perth Mint is a member of an exclusive group of global mints whose pure gold, silver and platinum legal tender coins are internationally renowned. Similar to the Australian Nugget, The Perth Mint’s Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin Series and Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series are sought after by bullion investors worldwide.

You can view our collection of products from The Perth Mint here


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