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Krugerrand – A coin of value

If you’re looking to purchase a coin that has been proven to hold and build its value throughout significant change, the Krugerrand stands out from the crowd. The Krugerrand was created in 1967 with the specific objective to give ordinary people access to wealth generated by South African gold mining. Created by the South African Mint and Rand Refinery, the coin still has its roots in these two companies. Rand Refinery sources, refines and manufactures the blank coins which are passed onto the South African Mint for minting before being... Read More


Is your money safer kept as gold?

Given the volatility in both currencies and stock markets today, it is wise to wonder how many people are beginning to believe that their money may be better invested in gold rather than other vehicles? Many amateur investors are now looking at gold for safety and value. Since 1913 the pound has lost the majority of its value and as paper currencies are predicted to become extinct within the next thirty years, it really might be time to consider another medium of exchange. Whilst inflation is currently at 2.5% –... Read More


What makes a Good Delivery Bar?

Good Delivery bars are notable for their large size and high purity and are usually used in the major international markets such as London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Zurich as well as in the gold reserves of governments, central banks and the IMF. Good Delivery bars adhere to a set of rules issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) describing the physical characteristics of gold and silver bars used in settlement in the wholesale London bullion market. Only bars that meet the Good Delivery standards of the LMBA are acceptable. The LBMA benchmarks and regulates the... Read More


Shipwrecked gold to be salvaged

An operation is underway to try and salvage approximately £125 billion worth of gold and other precious metals sunk during the first and second world wars by German U-boats. The UK firm Britannia Gold will set sail from an undisclosed port to explore the first cluster of shipwrecks where the loot is thought to be. The shipwrecks are littered ship all the way from the north Atlantic to the Caribbean, and are thought to boast over 2,000 tonnes of metal. Will Carrier, operational director of Britannia Gold, said one of the... Read More


Brand Spotlight: Metalor

Metalor is one of the world’s oldest refiners of precious metals. Originating in Switzerland,  it’s created a brand renowned for high quality and authentic gold bullion. Due to its classic casting and refining techniques that date back to 1852, Metalor consistently produce pure gold bars. The refinery has been an Official Referee for the London Bullion Market since 2003 and sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars to investors worldwide. View our range of Metalor bars here.


Brand Spotlight: The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a leading global gold refiner and bullion and coin manufacturer for the international market. It is responsible for the refining of precious metals, the manufacturing of cast bars and the fabrication of industrial products. It also produces precious metal coins and other minted products. As Australia’s official bullion mint, The Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia. Established in 1899, it was the last of three colonial branches of the UK’s projects to refine and mint gold for the British Empire during the... Read More


Palladium where to buy?

Interested in buying palladium? Then we’ve put together some background information on why palladium makes such a great investment; plus where and what palladium products you can buy. At London Gold Bullion, we sell a range of palladium bars, from respected precious metal providers including Umicore and UBS. Umicore palladium bars The history of Umicore dates back more than two centuries when a number of mining and smelting companies on the border of Germany and Belgium merged. Since then, Umicore has built up the skills and expertise to become a... Read More


Ensure you don’t buy fake silver bars

Concerned about fake silver bars? If you’re worried about the fake silver bars infiltrating the market, we’ve put some information together that will help you. So, you can determine whether the silver bars you’ve purchased are genuine or not. Though smaller silver bars were once the safest of purchases, with silver now fetching a premium, counterfeiters have set their sights on producing fake silver bars of all sizes, even those of the smallest dimensions. The best way to ensure you are purchasing genuine silver bars is to buy your precious... Read More


Guide to American Eagle Gold Coins

Gold is often the most sought-after precious metal in the world, and bullion investors can buy gold bullion in either bars or coins. We have written several blog posts explaining the pros and cons of gold bars and gold coins, so we’d like to focus in on a more specific topic: the American Eagle gold coin. As one of the World’s most popular coins from the most traded currency (the USD$), the American Eagle is definitely worth its own dedicated blog post. In this guide, we’re going to look at... Read More


Perth Mint Gold Bars for an enduring investment

Want to invest in gold bars? Then take a look at the Perth Mint gold bars, for a precious metal investment with an outstanding reputation around the globe. The story of the Perth Mint The Perth Mint is a refinery of distinction, responsible for producing “arguably the purest of all gold” – so what better place to produce your gold bars. The Mint has a heritage dating back over a hundred years, having been founded in 1899 in response to the gold deposits found in Western Australia. Prospectors who flocked... Read More